Rufus the Chicken

Past Clients of Rufus the Chicken

Rufus the Chicken has performed at private parties all over the lower mainland! He has been seen at picnics, festivals and corporate functions. However before Rufus got into the magic business he was a stunt chicken for the movie industry and has an impressive resume to go along with it (or so Rufus says).

Rufus the Chicken started in films with a walk on role in "Rocky II" with Sylvester Stalone. He can be seen being chased around the yard! He got his big break in 2000 when he co-stared with Mel Gibson in the movie "Chicken Run". Having to perform as a female hen, Ginger, was a little tough but Rufus says he does not regret this decision and it was a big role!

Rufus was "Chicken #4" in the Disney movie "Home on The Range" and was disappointed in not getting a larger role. However, Disney made up for it and Rufus the Chicken will be the star of the upcoming Pixar movie "Chicken Little", look for it in Summer 2005!