Rufus the Chicken

Avian Flu and Rufus the Chicken

Rufus the Chicken has been the centre of a lot of attention recently. He has appeared in or on CTV, CKNW 980, CBC Radio 690, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, Maple Ridge Times and more! To learn more please visit In the Media.

We would like to assure the public that Rufus the Chicken is, in fact, NOT a real chicken. He is a rubber chicken and does not, and can not, nor will he ever, carry the Avian Flu virus.

Recently Norden the Magician received a phone call from a government agency suggesting that his chicken would have to be included in the backyard culling of the Avian Flu infected birds. This website previously did not do an adequate job of explaining that this was a fake chicken.

Rufus the Chicken would like to put this hassle behind him and forgives the threat made on his life. He wants to get back to work as he and Norden have been working for months on a new trick and routine that is just too funny for words.

Rufus is eager to show off his talents and would love to hear from you. He can be reached at Again, we regret any confusion Rufus the Chicken might have caused and we assure the public he is a healthy rubber chicken.

Thank you,
Norden the Magician