Rufus the Chicken

Rufus the Chicken - Contest Rules

  1. Rufus the Chicken is a standard novelty 20 inch long RUBBER chicken. This is what you are looking for, NOT a real chicken.
  2. The ransom contest is conducted by Entertainment and is open to all residents of Canada except the employees, agents (that's only me) and their immediate families.
  3. A laminated certificate will be attached to Rufus to verify his authenticity.
  4. The award of $500 will be paid in cash to the verified winner. A cheque will be presented to the Charity.
  5. The winner must answer a time-limited skill testing question.
  6. Rufus the Chicken is hidden in a public place. There is no need to endanger yourself or break the law to find him.
  7. Ransom notes will be published each Sunday night until Rufus is located and returned. Not all the clues given will lead to Rufus. Some might be red herrings and you will have to determine which are real.
  8. There is no need to dig, take anything apart or damage anything to get at Rufus. The sponsors of this contest are not liable for any damage caused to or by participants in this contest.
  9. There is only one Rufus the Chicken hidden. Only one person may claim the prize. Once Rufus has been found the winner has 72 hours to have it verified by Norden the Magician and claim the prize.
  10. To claim the prize the winner must sign a release form stating that all the rules of this contest were complied with. If the winner is under the age of 18 years, the release form must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  11. The winner gives Entertainment the right to publish their name and recent photo without any claim for royalty or other rights.
  12. Entertainment may from time to time amend these rules.
  13. No purchase is necessary. HOWEVER, if you book a magic show and pay a deposit during the Rufus the Chicken ransom contest you will be emailed the clue 24 hours BEFORE it is posted on the website.