Rufus the Chicken

Rates for Rufus the Chicken

Rufus' new 2 year contract has been successfully signed. We do not anticipate a labour dispute anytime soon (just in hockey). While Rufus the Chicken thought he should earn upwards of $1,000 a magic show we brought him down to reality.

Since Rufus' card trick does cost some money to put on, is about 10 minutes long, and the closing performance of the magic show, we decided that while he was not worth thousands of dollars he should be compensated for his talents in some way.

If you are booking a magic show and request that Rufus the Chicken be a part of the act, your magic show quote will include the cost of Rufus' performance. If you phone and book a magic show without inquiring about him, your quote will not reflect this.

Rufus does not wish to have his fee made public, as he does not want other chickens in his union to know how little he is being paid! Please inquire about our pricing if you wish to hire Rufus and Norden.

Norden the Magician and Rufus the Chicken make every effort to be cost effective and pass that savings to you. However, there are many hidden costs in the magic show business and the magic tricks are expensive and their time to learn them.

While a Magician might seem a little expensive the price is worth it, and Norden the Magician is known for being one of the most affordable Magicians in the Lower Mainland.