Rufus the Chicken

Want to hire Rufus the Chicken?

Many people have been calling to see if Rufus the Chicken is for hire! Yes he is! Unfortunately (says Rufus) he comes in a package deal with his trainer, Norden The Magician, as Rufus does not have a drivers license (yet!).

Norden performs a wonderful card trick but sometimes he forgets how to finish it and that is where Rufus the Chicken comes in. Always the brains behind the operation he helps complete the trick in such a fashion you will not forget it anytime soon!

Rufus the Chicken and Norden the Magician are available for all events from adult and kids parties, festivals, weddings, fundraisers, picnics, Christmas parties and more! So if you are looking for a qualified, reasonable priced chicken and magician team that loves to perform, then you have found one!

They are available for parties within the lower mainland, while anything outside the lower mainland can be negotiated with advance notice. Just give Rufus the Chicken or Norden the Magician a call. Better yet, you can contact them online at Rufus the Chicken.