Rufus the Chicken

Want Rufus? Own a Dufus!

Many people have been clogging our email system with requests to buy their very own Official Rufus! Now, after extensive talks with Rufus and his lawyers, we are sad to say that Rufus is not for sale.

However, after discussing options with a few mad scientists we discovered that cloning chickens is not illegal! Therefore we are now proud to offer the 'Official Cloned Rufus'!

Since we are mass producing these clones we had noticed a few problems. They tend to come out quite dumb. Very stupid in fact. We are unhappy to say that they do not perform the miraculous card trick that Rufus is famous for, but they will 'play dead' quite well. We have named the clones...Dufus!

Dufus' numbered 1 to 18 have already been pre-sold (if you can believe that!) and we are making another batch as soon as Rufus' new contract demands are met.

The cost for a Dufus is $25 CDN (post-paid) and all proceeds from the sale of the souvenir Dufus clones will go to The Province Empty Stocking Fund. Thank you in advance for your support.

Want to buy a Dufus? Email Rufus the Chicken.