Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 8

November 28, 2004

The clue for UBC was a red herring.
He is not there, not even close.
Re-trace your tracks back in history.
If u are going to win you need to train.
Rufus is still station. He has not moved.
He might need CPR when found.
Look like an Australian to see him.
He is hanging around in a low place.
So get the wagon rolling!
I expect him to be found in a fort night.

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

Ok, this was the last clue. It was FULL of hints and when this was put up he was found within the hour. It hints about: tracks, history, station, train, CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway), the wagon, and a 'Fort'. This all adds up to the closed for the season, next to the tracks, CPR wagon that was at the historical Fort Langley Train Station, on the made of wood platform. The reference to the 'Australian's was to make you look 'down under' the wagon, as he was 'in a low place'.

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