Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 7

November 21, 2004

Some people r close. Some people are not.
You should know where he isn't.
He is not on the North Shore, Mission, Tri-Cities, Hope or Cloverdale.
That you should have got from the clues.
We know he is near water.
If U can hear the C then it might B it.
He is on a street that is the type that teaches.
Stay the course and find him.
If this clue sounds fishy when red, don't be surprised.

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

Ok, here is where I led some people down the wrong path. The clue about UBC was a big red herring. However the last line of the clue does states the clue was 'fishy when red'...meaning a red herring. The rest of the clue was all true. It was re-capping what you should have known. The 'street type that teaches' is about the street he was on - Mavis St. There is an old computer typing course called Mavis Beacon...just seeing if anyone was paying attention out there!

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