Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 6

November 14, 2004

I can't believe he is stil missin.
This is like an X-Files case.
It seems to b fairly hard.
This site where he is is closed for now.
There is little lite four him to see.
So jump on the band wagon and look 4 him.
Keep on the right track and the clues wil make sense.
Being smart is the ticket to finding him.
The next clue will get obvious.
Find him or face competition.

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

There was a reference to the X-Files again to make you look for 'Langley'. Also mentioned was that the place was closed for the season...a tourist site! 'A little lite four him to see' was a reference to the 4 lights that shine on the train platform where he was. The word 'ticket' was about the ticket window at the station, and the 'band wagon' was the wagon he was hidden under. Of course the word 'track' was about the train tracks...not a race track!

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