Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 5

November 7, 2004

Rufus is stil here.
Where is here, you ask?
Maybe one of the Lone Gunmen knws.
Catch him if u can.
The place is closed for the season.
No one walks bye.
Maybe no one sees him. Look harder.
I hear there is a $500 reward for his return.
Find him soon.
Where wood you hide him?

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

Huge clue! The reference to the 'Lone Gunmen'. They are characters from the show X-Files. One of them is a BC born actor by the name of Dean Haglund. His character's name in the show was 'Langly'...meaning he was in Langley. The misspelling of the word 'would' to 'wood' was to say that he was on/under something made of wood.

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