Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 2

October 18, 2004

Hour demands have not bean met.
We know u ar looking four him.
You will knot find him where it is always sunny.
If u race thru this mission you will be off track.
You mite want to tri harder.
I have herd his old co-workers have seen him.
Talk to them....if you can.
P.S - Our spel chek is broken. Hope that does not confuze u.

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

Man this clue is full of hints! It says he is not in Tsawwassen (where it is always sunny) and not in the Tri-Cities (tri harder), or in Mission (off track). The words 'hour' and 'knot' were red herrings and his 'old co-workers' were he is in a bit of cow country. So NOT in Vancouver, that's for sure!

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