Rufus the Chicken

Ransom Note - Number 1

October 9, 2004

We have Rufus.
We have hidden him.
There is no hope you will locate him.
No lucky charm will help.
You must read between those lines to find him.
He is safe and unharmed. For now.
We will send further instructions to you until our demands are met.
I suggest you follow them to the 'T'.

The Birdnappers

Answer Key:

The reference to 'no hope' meant that he was not located in the city of Hope. The 'no lucky charm' was to say he was not in a 'lucky' place, meaning Horseshoe (or Cloverdale). Reading 'between those lines' meant that he was somewhere in-between Horseshoe Bay and Hope. 'Follow them to the T' was a reference to a train.

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