Rufus the Chicken

Rufus has been Kidnapped

News Release

Hello everyone!

Do not worry, this is not's chicken! Most of you might have heard of my little contest I have going on about my chicken, Rufus!

Rufus is my sidekick in my magic act and was on the news media months ago. The C.F.I.A wanted to kill him because I might have been infecting people with the Avian Flu if I was performing with him.

Of course, Rufus is a rubber chicken. It was a funny story.

Well folks, now Rufus has been KIDNAPPED! Or should I say birdnapped? Anyway, he has gone missing and 'foul' play is suspected (couldn't resist). The RCMP have ruled out the C.F.I.A as a suspect. But there is good news!

I am offering a $500 REWARD for his return.

No, I am not BS'ing you. $500 to the person that finds and returns Rufus to me. He is hidden somewhere in the Lower Mainland. Psychically hidden. You are looking for a rubber chicken...who answers to the name Rufus...sometimes.

There are clues posted on my website every week. The longer the contest runs...the easier it will get to decipher where he is. Figure it out soon and you could win $500! As well another $500 is going to charity as well....everyone wins!

It's a treasure hunt!


Remember could win you $500!